Friday, June 05, 2009

Elmo the Fighting fish

We bought a fish bowl and a Fighting fish for Gabriel. Fighting fish is the only one available at the pet shop which does not require filters, aerators and big tanks according to the attendant at the store. Since the fish is red and Gab cannot talk yet to give his first pet a name, his dad decided to call it Elmo.

Gab is entertained just by watching Elmo swim. He’s very happy when he feeds his pet every morning. Dad let’s him watch every time we clean the fish bowl too.

Having Elmo has already taught Gab to be careful; like the glass fish bowl should not be pushed and that he should not shake it or Elmo will die. For only less than a week, Gab already learned to care for his pet. He would normally ask someone to come with him (every morning) while he check Elmo. He knows where the jar (for Elmo’s food) is. He’d point at the jar to tell us he wants to feed Elmo. Surely, having his first pet will teach him a lot more things in the coming days.

It’s great that there's a lot to discover when it comes to finding ways that will both educate and make our kid happy.


keb said...

Ahaha! Elmo is really cool! Love it when I was young..

rokok said...

good sunday morning my friend...nice post..regards from ROKOKFOREX

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