Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do you dream of having an Apple iPhone?

I don't want to tag my phone as a useless phone because I can still make a call, send text messages and take pictures (especially now that our digicam is partly dead) using it. I just hate it when the battery goes dead and I’m not at home or anywhere near the computer to recharge it.

If I’m not working on a financial plan, I would want to buy a new phone. While dreaming on a phone that does not go dead just when you need it, I browsed some websites and found myself staring at an Apple iPhone.

Then I felt as though I was thumped. And I was. I realized I still have some 15% of my target to accomplish.

According to one article that I read, when I want something and I don’t have the money to have it. I should save for it… and, before I knew it, I would not want to buy it anymore. Then, I’ll have some extra cash for something that’s really important.

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