Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goodbye to the King of Pop

Even after reading the Yahoo News that Michael Jackson already died, I still can't believe that he really is dead. Perhaps I still can't believe it because (I can't remember when, but) I saw the banner while browsing online that he's gonna have a comeback concert.

Well, I guess I should just believe. He's a great name. A lot of not so nice things happened to him. It's just kinda sad that the comeback did not happen. Maybe it was going to be his way of really coming back and standing up. But maybe that's life. Sometimes you lose the chance.


Kautsar said...

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nice post

Imelda said...

yes it was world astounding news. we will miss him.

Carms said...

we will miss. He is truly the one of the best. God bless happy weekend

donna510 said...

OMG, i just new it from u!

by d way i've been tagging u in my latest post. please check it out.

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