Sunday, June 21, 2009

Does your toddler get all jumpy when having a hair cut?

Went out to get Gab a nice hair cut today and like in the past, it did not turn out as nicely as I wish it would. It’s his 4th time and we still had problems keeping him calm. Like his first and second and third… we were not able to hold him still long enough to get the hair cut done. And again, he was hysterical the whole time.

All I wanted was to give him a fresh feeling because his already shaggy hair makes him sweat a lot when the weather is hot. But I think my good intention caused something bad. He was screaming and crying all throughout and I can only wish that the experience did not give him a trauma. I’m planning to buy a nice pair of scissors to train him at home. I’m not sure yet what scares him when at the barber shop but I’m guessing finding it out will help control the situation when I decide to bring him back.

Summer is over and I hope that a chilly weather will give us enough time to let his anxiety fade.


Imelda said...

he will behave well when he grows up. it was my prob then with my son, too.

philippineplace said...

Where do you go to have his hair cut? I've seen in malls the barber shops intended for kids so that they won't get scared. It could help.

gab's mom said...

hi philippineplace!

yeah, that's the first place where we brought Gab. there's one at SM southmall. it was really a nice barber shop. very clean. they have lots of toys. they've got lots of cartoon DVDs and they have TV and DVD player for each of the kid clients. they also let your kid sit on a car instead of a barber's chair. the problem was with the barber. i'm not sure if it's true for all their barbers because we never really went back after that first hair cut of gab. i guess barbers for kids should also learn at laest a little child psycology and they should be playful and cheerful and all that.. you know what i mean. the barber, despite of the fact that gab screamed and cried his throat out from the moment the clipper touched his hair, never smiled and never tried some baby tricks or something. he gave gab a piece of lollipop though... but i guess kids need to feel secure when they're scared... and lollipops or candy bars won't do the trick..

the second place where we got his second hair cut was at david's salon at sm molino. one of the seniors there managed to get the job done very well even if gab gave some loud screams also. but the problem was that she was not there anymore when we went back for gab's third hair cut... so it went out as bad as the first.

the last one was with a local barber shop near my sister's place. they personally know the barber and they said he/she (LOL) knows how to handle kids. gab alsop went all mad when he got the hair cut.

makes me think that we really need to let him cool down.

gab's mom said...

hi imelda,

thanks for giving me hope. i guess i should just stay calm myself and be patient in waiting for the time when gab will really behave when having his hair cut done. ;-)

o btw, thanks for dropping your comments philippineplace and imelda! :-)

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