Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who's coping mechanism is it?

My baby has gained a lot of weight since his dad left to work abroad. It's only been less than a couple of weeks and yet I have observed his appetite unbelievably increasing! He still doesn’t like to eat rice but has started to like eating sweets and cookies and chips.

Could it be that Gab has developed a teenager’s coping mechanism this early? Or should his mom stop acting silly and admit the crime! LOL. Uh-oh. I guess I should start taking control or we’ll both end up waddling like penguins!!! ;-)


eugene said...

Let Gab enjoy his foods,so long he is active,that will be all right.

Analou and Bones said...

For me, you should not let Gab ate anything he wanted specially sweets, cookies and chips. It is very easy to gain weight and hard to loss it. Although I am not a mom yet but I know how hard to say no to children because when my younger siblings asked me for something I can't always say no. Both extreme is bad. Hope your day is fine my friend and thank you so much for always visiting my blog. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I guess you should really start controlling gab :) My niece, on the other hand, never wanted to eat a lot *sigh*

Evelyn said...

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ezekiel13 said...

i'm trying to imagine how he looks like because for me he's cute when he's chubby... try introducing carrots and celeries too.. I think it's better for him to know the taste of veggies first before the sweets and the yummy ones... that's just my suggestion. I hope i can see his recent pictures or video.. he's so cute the last time I saw him, I'm sure he's much adorable now.

Lina Gustina said...

a child is a great imitator...try to limit his sweet foods and ask him to be more active.

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