Saturday, January 02, 2010

Got to get a new bed for the other room!

Ouch, I got bruises on the back of my left leg. I was playing with Gab and his dad at the other room when the bed broke down. It's a single bed that no one has ever really used; we requested for an extra bed for the spare room and it was the one that our landlord provided. We were all sitting on it and playing for some time already when I decided to go out and prepare our lunch. I put down my left foot first and then I felt something painful. I screamed, Gab got scared and he cried profusely. Luckily, Gab was sitting at the middle of the bed. He did not get hurt.

My husband told me that it's either because of my weight or the poor quality of that bed. Of course I'm convinced that it's not a nice and safe bed. And my husband is convinced otherwise but he's just trying to be nice. (Oh my, I remembered my new year's resolution again!)

We plan to share the house with someone soon and we're glad this accident happened this early. We'll have enough time to look at stores with nice and not so expensive beds. We're glad that our future housemate won't go through a shocking experience like this. We were really shocked that the bed collapsed. And Gab was more shocked to find himself on the floor after a big bang!

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