Saturday, January 02, 2010

Movie time

Recently, I have been watching a lot of movies. The previous tenant of the house left plenty of DVDs and the movies are really interesting. Some are of famous celebrities and some are not that known but the films that I watched so far are all great. Gab also likes one of the DVDs, the cartoon movie UP. I already lost count of the number of times he watched it but I'm so happy to know that Gab can now watch a complete movie without asking me to change it with his Barney or Bob the Builder CDs.

Gab will start attending his playgroup this Monday and I will be very busy adjusting my schedule to give way to the chores and the two-hour daily sessions that he needs to attend to. Then I will have lesser time to spend on movie time. But maybe I can watch while waiting. With the amount of DVDs that they've got here, I'm far from running out of movies to watch. I just wish that the previous tenant will remember what she forgot to bring after I'm done with all the nice pictures to see or I might start reading about how Torrents Search and Download works.

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