Friday, January 15, 2010

Marriages should last a life time.

Four years ago when we decided to got married, we only had four months to get all the preparations done. My husband’s sister announced to us mid part of 2005 that they’re getting married in 2006. To avoid the “Sukob” thing (that my husband and I do not really mind but we’re sure to hear a lot of negative comments from a lot of oldies in our ever so Filipino family), we decided to get married that year. Aside from the limited time that we had, we were also on a very limited budget. Although shorter time to prepare for wedding results to less fretfulness (because you will only have little time to be wasting some on your negative feelings), it has a not-so-good side effect of not having the chance to scout for better yet cheaper options.

The two major expenses that I thought I would not limit the quality because of a limited budget were on Wedding albums and wedding rings. I thought that the Wedding album is our treasure because it will remind us of the smiles on our faces when we happily tied the knot and it should last until we have children and grand children and great grand children; the wedding ring should be good enough to last on our fingers forever.

So yes, these two were among the major expenses that we had during the wedding. The list also included the food and the wedding gowns and barongs that we used for us and the entourage.

The Wedding album turned out pretty good. So far, the pictures are fine and we have Gab already. Let's wait and see when the grand children and great grand children are here. LOL.

Just this weekend, we went to our friend’s house and they showed us their Photobook when they got married June last year. Wow!!! It was really beautiful. Now I will confess that I’m really not sure about our wedding album, but, this one that they got will surely be seen by their great grand children! It was nicely laid out and the materials were scratch and water proof. It's as if you are really looking at a book with a very interesting love story and very charming characters!

When getting married, I believe that it’s okay to spend a little more on those two that I mentioned. Marriages should last a life time. If a couple gets to have another wedding album, it should be because they got married again to renew their vows. And for the ring, there should only be one. I am pretty sure that if I’m reading these pages many years later, I will still have this wedding ring on. I hope all marriages last, all our marriages.


kathy said...

Amen sis! Hope all our marriages would last until death...


gab's mom said...

yeah kathy, AMEN! =)

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