Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I wonder if an aircon will convert the stock room into a home office.

My husband works for a bank as an IT guy. They do programming and support. With his current post, they do software support. Another team is doing the software development. People doing the support requires knowledge in development and troubleshooting. And people doing the support job requires 24/7 coverage. Thus they have shiftings chedules and weekend support assignments.

Last weekend, my husband did weekend support. Before Gab and I came here, he never had problems doing it because he can sit anywhere he wants and he can work. Now that we're here, he cannot work fine with Gab pulling him away from the computer and calling him to play.

I thought that maybe it would be nice to set up a home office. Aside from the spare room that we got, there's a stock room in the place that we got. The problem is there's no window for ventilation. I need to research if it's possible to put aircondition in the room even when there's no external access to it. I know that there are portable aircondition units. I wonder if it will be comfortable working there but for now, my husband will be staying in the other room evrytime he needs to do his weekend support assignment.

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