Wednesday, January 20, 2010

cough and runny nose, run away!!!

we skipped class yesterday. gab has runny nose and cough. i wanted to send him to school but his dad was worried that gab might cry a lot if i leave him because he's not feeling well. i just let him watch the TV and Bolt Dog the movie on the laptop all day yesterday and yes he had a nice rest. his breathing was not very good so i forced him to take the medicine and nebulised him when he was asleep.

been busy the past few days. the beach walk was fun. gab had a great time playing with sand. mom and dad enjoyed the breakfast i packed. it was fun. i hope there'll be more weekends at the beach. so i hope gab will get well soon. don't want him to miss more classes. as i write, i'm outside their classroom. i guess i'll stay here the whole time just in case the teacher calls.


analou said...

I hope Gab is fine now so that he will not his class and also to have more fun at the beach or somewhere you want to take him.

sexyjessie said...

I hope Gab will be better now. Do have him drink lots of water and take rest.

sea said...

how is gab... has he impressed ypu for the title you have 4 ur blog???

gab's mom said...

hello analou, jessie and sea!
thanks for your thoughts. gab is better now.. still coughing but we're already attending classes. he was only absent for a day.

have a great day you guys!

kathy said...

Hope Gab will be fine soon sis... It's not easy to have a sick kid... Pati tayo napupuyat...


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