Saturday, January 02, 2010

How should I do it?

Writing a list of New Year’s resolution has always been very easy for me. Why? It's because there are entries that have been there for more than a decade now. Implementing them is what's difficult.

I think if you've been reading my posts, it won't be difficult for you to guess what's on the top list? With all the sweets and fats that I ate during the Christmas holidays plus the "pre-existing condition" - you know what I mean! LOL. It's getting the flabs out!!! Again!

Running is a good exercise that is very effective when I need to lose some pounds. Now I don't think running would be enough because I did not gain too much weight but my tummy looks like I'm a few months pregnant. I remember my nephew asking me "Is Gab having a little brother or sister soon, Auntie?" Arghhhh! I can see my husband's grin when he reads this. I guess he gave loads of chocolates for my nephew to ask me that question.

Doing sit ups is effective when I was younger. After I gave birth, I had problems doing sit ups because I suffer from severe back pains when I do it. I tried drinking slimming tea but I experienced palpitation.

Now what should I do?

Can someone give me tips so I don't have to resort to Liposuction? Promise I'll tell the results if you share your secrets. =)

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