Friday, January 08, 2010

Got a health insurance for your family yet?

My husband and I have been thinking a lot lately about getting health insurance for our family. When we were in the Philippines, our employers were the one who arrange for our health and dental insurance. When my husband started working here in Singapore, he did not get a health card but they have health insurance benefits. Only that, when he needs to see a doctor, he will pay for the consultation and reimburse the amount from his office.

I searched online for information on health insurance and came across United Health One Reviews. There are other companies but this one provides quite an affordable health insurance package for families.

It is always our hope that our family stays healthy but there are times when sickness strikes and expenses are incurred. If we have this health insurance, then there's no need to worry about such possibilities.

Perhaps I will make some few more calls by the start of this week and we're all set to get one for ourselves.

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