Friday, January 01, 2010

i love the beach... it's oh so relaxing

last night was a fun night to celebrate some time with friends. we had picnic at the east coast park here in singapore and it was really fun. i have always wanted to bring gab to a beach because i want him to experience walking inthe sand and soaking his feet wet with salt water. when we first brought him to sentosa, i did not have much time to let him play with the sand because we were only there at the siloso beach to eat lunch. we had a lot of shows to see when we went there. at the siloso beach, gab did not enjoy the sand. instead, he was a little uncomfortable that he stayed all the time on his stroller.

last night i was so happy that we spent hours of playing and running on the sand. at first, gab looked funny because when we took off his shoes, he stayed for several minutes on where he was standing. he couldn't move a leg. LOL. later on when he saw RD (our friend's kid) running and enjoying building mountains out of the sand, he started walking and then he ran and then he played with the sand.

i love sitting and eating by the seashore. it's relaxing for me. maybe now that i know the place, we will go there often.

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