Saturday, January 02, 2010

Could she be denying our friendship?

I have this friend from grade school. We were very close until we lost contact some few years ago. Since I moved to Manila for our board exam review, I never got the chance to catch up with her. I just heard that she got married and that she already has kids and that some few years ago, she was nowhere anyone of us (her friends) could reach.

I felt very excited when I found out one day that she got herself a Facebook account. I sent a friend request along with a message that I miss her and that I've been trying to find ways on how I can talk to her.

It's been months now and she hasn't confirmed our friendship. Is she too busy to click on the accept button? Could it be that she never accessed her account since the day I tried to add her as my friend?

I'd like to think that I'm being overly emotional and that she's really not denying our friendship. But, I feel sad. How would you feel if I were you?

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