Sunday, January 03, 2010

Maybe I'll try it sometime to better understand how it works.

I have never really paid attention every time my husband explains to me how p2p sharing works. And because I do not completely get it, I have never really tried using it myself. The only thing that registered to me was that if you download files, you also share that bit of file that you have already downloaded. So basically, as soon as you have a chunk of that file already, you also become a source. And everyone else doing the same are both downloading and sharing the file that they want.

From what I've read, using Torrents Search and Download is advantageous especially when downloading large files that are momentarily popular because a lot of people are downloading it. And as I understood from my husband’s explanation, the more people trying to download it, the more speed for everybody trying to get that specific file. Because the more people are downloading, the more people are providing the file also.

Now that I have more understanding about how it works, then maybe I will use this when there are files that I need to download. And after that, perhaps I will know well than what I have written now. It's always best to understand how things work after you try it instead of merely reading about it.

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