Thursday, January 07, 2010

Kids have different talents and they should find out

When my niece and her family came over to our place last holidays, she showed us some videos that they uploaded in YouTube. Those were videos of their activities at school. Some contests they've joined and won. Shows they participated in and projects they have worked with. They told us the history of each of the videos and how they divided the work to accomplish such a good job.

Non-academic activities can really bring out the talents that the students have. My niece also showed us the draft of the t-shirt design that really looked like a professional logo design. It was an original design she created for their class.

I believe that kids have different talents and that there should be activities like what their school have in order to bring out those potentials.

Gab has improved a bit. He did not cry all throughout his class today. He still cried but not all throughout the two hours. I’m pretty sure that he will get used to going to the playgroup. I wonder what talents he will have when he grows bigger. I just wish that the schools where I'll be sending him will have the right approach to encourage kids to acknowledge and develop their talents.

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