Sunday, January 03, 2010

Feeling a bit anxious

Tomorrow is Gab's first day at school. I'm both excited and anxious. Luckily, my husband is doing weekend work from home tonight so he will not report to work tomorrow. We will both send Gab to school on his first day.

I hope that we will not have problems with the schedule. i hope that waking up early won't be difficult for Gab. Usually he wakes up around the time when he's expected to attend the playgroup session. Now, I will need to send him to bed early and wake him up the following if I need to. I hope this will not cause him to dislike going to school. Gab really hates being disturbed when he's sleeping. In the morning and especially in the afternoon when he's having his siesta.

Wait for more posts. Will let you know Gab's progress.... and that of his mom also. =)

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